Packaging design is an expertise in its own right that requires time and experience.

  • Ecodesign
  • Food Packaging
  • Cosmetic Packaging
  • Print Production

This expertise requires specific notions in design, but also knowledge of legal printing standards. For example, all packaging must offer the best possible user experience while complying with very specific labeling and display standards governed by MAPAQ (for food) and Health Canada (for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals).

Your packaging must be engaging, memorable, and educational to highlight the benefits of the product or how to use it. It should effectively represent your brand, speak to the right audience, and present a clear purpose of the product. Ecodesign is now an integral part of this thinking: The packaging must be sustainable while being technically viable for the market.

Since all of these elements must be considered, we make sure to diligently study our clients’ needs. Close collaboration between the client and our team allows us to establish a harmonious process in packaging design.


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